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7 CBD Tincture FAQs for Beginners

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Common CBD Tincture FAQs:

CBD tincture is an organic treatment for a variety of physical and psychological conditions. This natural medicine helps manage your symptoms without making you sleepy, lethargic, or nauseous. There are a lot of misconceptions about this Tincture, let us look at 7 CBD Tincture FAQs for Beginners:

Chronic pain, nausea, depression, and anxiety can diminish your quality of life. Holistic products such as CBD Tinctures, CBD Extracts, and CBD Pain Creams are an excellent option for treating ailments. CBD products are affordable and cause little to no discomfort compared to modern or alternative medicine.

1. What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is one of many chemical compounds found in cannabis or marijuana plants. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD won’t cause you to feel the “high” typically associated with smoking or ingesting marijuana.

Then why use CBD? Studies show that this substance helps alleviate pain, prevent muscle spasms, reduce nausea, aid with issues such as anxiety and depression, and tackle a variety of other symptoms.

2. How Is CBD Tincture Made?

Typically, CBD tincture is created by combining CBD extract from a cannabis plant with a soluble base such as hemp seed oil or alcohol. Pearl Holistic’s CBD Tincture is made using extract derived from 100% organic, all-natural, USA-grown hemp that is non-GMO and vegan certified.

3. How Does CBD Tincture Affect the Body?

Before we look at what happens when you ingest CBD or use it topically, we need to examine how the body’s endocannabinoid system functions. In the brain, you’ll find a network of CB1 receptors. These receptors are associated with essential brain functions such as pain, movement, coordination, and emotions. Elsewhere – such as the tonsils, spleen, and parts of the immune system – you’ll find CB2 receptors.

Research on the extract is still in its early stages. Cannabinoids such as CBD may activate these receptors. As a result, they could help enhance related functions and therefore improve your health and boost your mood.

4. How Long Will It Take to Feel the Effects of CBD?

Depending on the dosage, it can take up to 30 minutes to feel the effects of CBD. As there is no psychoactive ingredient in CBD tincture, you won’t feel “high.” Instead, you will notice a calming sensation or a reduction in pain.

5. Does CBD Tincture Have Any Side Effects?

While a handful of studies have uncovered a few side effects, these often pale in comparison to those linked to most over-the-counter medications. In short, in most cases, you won’t have to worry about CBD tinctures or oils inhibiting your ability to do your job or perform other day-to-day duties.

Yes. Unlike marijuana (THC), CBD tincture and other hemp extract products can be legally purchased and used throughout the country.

7. What Dosage of CBD Tincture Should I Take?

There is no correct or incorrect dosage of CBD. The correct amount will depend on:

  • The level of pain you’re experiencing
  • Your CBD tolerance
  • Your height and body type
  • The strength of the tincture or oil
  • The desired effects

Keep in mind that many CBD products are applied topically to alleviate pain at the source.

For example, Pearl Holistic’s CBD Pain Cream should be reapplied up to 3-4 times per day to help reduce pain levels. If you are using our CBD tincture, we recommend placing 1-2 droppers of the tincture under your tongue, hold it for 30 seconds and then swallow it.

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